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Since 1998, DCAC advocates have successfully secured Canada Pension Plan disability benefits for 1000s of clients across Canada. With DCAC on your side you will not have to navigate the CPPD application or appeal process alone. Choosing DCAC will increase your chances of success and will make the disability application and appeal process less confusing and intimidating.

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We Win Cases

We win cases – our success rate is above 85%.

Reverse Claims

We reverse claims that have been unjustly denied.

Proven Results

DCAC has always had proven results for our clients.

We Are Pioneers

DCAC is a pioneer organization that focuses entirely on CPP disability.


Our experience will maximize your chances of success.


Our team of experts will support you from start to finish.

Client First

DCAC has always put clients first in every decision.

No Upfront Fees

No upfront fees. You pay only if we win.

People We've Helped

Meet Terri


No words can express my appreciation for your advocacy and true genuine support you provided me during this battle for CPPD, and thank you and its because of your hard work and preparation, organization and most of all your belief in me!

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Meet Linda

Hi Allison

Just a little thank you I would have never got it without you. You have saved us from Tent city and I can't thank you enough. I wish you all the best in the future.

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Meet Roseanne

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to recommend Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic's services on behalf of my son Christopher. During the past few months that we have been communicating with their office they have been extremely supportive and patient. The company has impeccable-customer service standards that would be beneficial for others using their services. I had the pleasure of working with 4 staff members. Each of them were very compassionate and understanding. with their knowledge and expertise, they are able to meet their clients' needs effectively and efficiently. Calls were returned immediately and I never felt left in the dark about what was going on with my son's case.

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Meet Cristie


Congratulations on your nomination for YWCA Regina's Women of Distinction Awards. Thank you for your passion and energy with which you serve. Our community, your tireless work and dedication is making an important impact on so many people.

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Meet Tanya & Catherine

Hello Allison and the DCAC Team,

I know you and your team are busy, but my mother, Catherine, and I wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you immensely for all the support and guidance provided in the last few years with the appeal of her CPP Disability application.

We cannot thank you enough for always being there through every step of the process and for taking the time to ease our minds when it felt like this would never end.

Even from my perspective it was greatly appreciated to have someone else be there to support my mother during times of difficulty and the anxiety with the unknown of her appeal.

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Another Satisfied Client


I can't begin to express how thankful I am to you. While my physical pain is no better, emotionally I am much better. I no longer worry about this case. I feel like a better wife and mother in the last month then I have in years.

We are so glad to put this fight behind us.

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Meet Sandi

Allison: I wanted to say thank you, but the words did not seem like enough. So, I made you an afghan. It is suppose to look like flowers; with the green being the stems and the colors being the flowers. They look like tulips to me. The edgings are supposed to look like butterflies. I also added a tag on the WRONG SIDE. (My daughter gave me these tags for Christmas one year). So thank you for getting, or helping me get my life back. Without you it never would have been possible, I believe the Lord sent you to me as I found you on the internet.

So thanks Allison. I feel i could never say it enough.

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Meet Glen and Janet

Dear Allison,

Thank you so much for helping us to get to the end of this very long journey. When we started this whole process way back in the middle of 2012, we would have never guessed that we would have come across such a wonderfully knowledgeable advocate to assist us to the end of this amazing victory! What a huge relief.

May God bless you with the strength to manage the stress that comes with your job as you constantly battle on behalf of the disabled in Canada.

Thank you again!

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Meet Sonia

Hi Allison,

Thank you so much for all your help! May God give you strength to continue to help people. God bless you!


Assess Your Care

Meet Suzanne

Dear Allison

Thank you so much for your encouragement, and representing me to the Tribunal. Couldn’t have done it without you.

All the best

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Meet Peggy

Hi Allison.

I would like to thank you and your staff for everything you have done for me.

Best of luck to you.

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Meet Collette and Steve

Thank you Allison for all you help and kind service over the past three years.

Your positive attitude helped us to keep hope that we might have a good result.

Thank you again for everything!

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Meet Judi

Thank you very much for all the work and help you gave me. You will never know how much it meant to me. Thank you once again

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Meet Warren


Thank you for your handling of Larry’s Canada Pension Appeal. Your prompt replies and personal interest made us feel that at least one person was on our side. Without your advocacy we would not have been successful.

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Meet Ruth

Dear Allison,

I really can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me. I just want you to know that I really appreciate it. Thank you for being so giving of your time and expertise.

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Meet Jane

Your guidance in the hearing, strategy, perseverance on my behalf was and will always be a most remarkable act from another human being. I am so grateful Allison. Your compassion saved my life and is helping me to restore my dignity and confidence. I just want you to know that my hat goes off to you.

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Meet Trudy & Walter

Dear Allison,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Because of your hard work, dedication and belief in my case, Walter and I will be able to spend our retirement years worry free.

Your knowledge of CPPD and attention to detail were unsurpassed. We absolutely could not have done this without you.

You are a blessing to all of us who unfortunately find ourselves disabled, but unable to get our stories told and acknowledged by CPPD.

Your patience, compassion coupled with a great sense of humour made this entire journey so much easier.

Again, our heartfelt thanks for everything!

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Meet Stephen

Hi Allison,

Thank you once again. After 10 years of fighting with doctors and bureaucrats for Disability CPP, with your help and support I finally am now receiving support.

Thank you

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Meet Amber

Allison Schmidt,

Just a quick note. Amber and I would like to thank you for your services and compassion in our case.

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Meet Rena


Thank you so much for your help, you haven't any idea how much this meant to me. Wonderful support and care.

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