Am I allowed to return to work while collecting my CPP Disability Benefits?

You may return to work while collecting your CPP Disability Benefits as long as you meet certain criteria. There is an “allowable earnings provision” that allows you to work while collecting CPP Disability benefits as long as you don’t earn over a specific amount. The amount of income you are allowed is adjusted yearly so it is best to touch base with a Service Canada office. In 2016, you were able to earn $5,400 while on CPP Disability Benefits. Once they consider you to be working at a Substantially Gainful Occupation*, then you no longer meet the requirements and your benefits will cease.

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What is Gainful Occupation?

Substantially Gainful Occupation - an occupation where the remuneration for the work performed and the services rendered was at a substantially gainful amount. The substantially gainful amount is a benchmark of earnings that likely indicates whether a person is showing regular capacity for work. This does not mean that you cannot work at your old job, but that you cannot work at any job – full or part time – for which you are or could become reasonably qualified.

How is my payment calculated?

CPP Disability payments consist of a flat rate of $471.43 plus 75% of your Retirement Pension contributions. The average monthly payment in 2016 was $934.37.

Will being approved affect my age 65 Pension?

No. In fact, it acts as a benefit. If approved, the calculation for Retirement Pension stops at the date of your approval for CPP Disability benefits, meaning there will be no $0.00 contribution years from that point forward.

Is there a child benefit?

Yes, there is a child benefit available for those who are approved with dependent children. Your children must be under the age of 18 or 18 to 25 attending full-time school at a recognized institution.

Are CPP Disability Benefits taxed?

Yes, CPP Disability Benefits are considered taxable income. If you chose, you can request for Service Canada to deduct your income tax on each monthly benefit.

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