Allison Schmidt

Chief Executive Officer

Allison Schmidt has devoted over 20 years to the persistent and compassionate protection of the access of people with disabilities to income protection under the Canada Pension Plan Disability program.

Allison originates from Melbourne, Australia. She arrived in Canada in 1988. She began her career in the insurance industry working in the claims processing area. During this time period, she took many insurance industry courses becoming proficient in the adjudication of medical, dental, life, and disability insurance claims.

In 1995, Allison left the insurance industry to begin her academic study at the University of Regina where she achieved a BA Honours in Psychology. She continued her studies working on the completion of her MA degree in Gerontology.

While studying at the University of Regina, she was employed by a local law firm who appealed the denial of disability claims. She founded the Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic Inc. in March 1998 upon noticing the increased number of denials of Canada Pension Plan disability benefits.

This observation became the start of her career in CPP Disability advocacy. She researched the Canada Pension Plan disability program, by undertaking Freedom of Information requests. This story was highlighted nationally in the CBC radio story “Enemy of the State”. Over the years she her work has been featured on national media discussing issues related to Canada Pension Plan disability benefits and the unacceptable denial rates.

Allison Schmidt has also made presentations to many support groups, conferences, and regional associations of chronically disabled individuals across Canada. In 2002, she was asked to attend in Ottawa to participate in a round-table discussion with the Sub-Committee on Status of Persons with Disabilities. She is currently a member of the CPP Disability Roundtable who convened to undertake a comprehensive review of the CPP disability program. She is also a member of ISACC the Income Security Appeals Consultative Committee at the Social Security Tribunal of Canada. She has also made a multiple presentations to the Sub-Committee at their Canada Pension Plan Parliamentary Hearings.

Allison Schmidt has helped hundreds of individuals with her thorough understanding of the Canada Pension Plan administration and the Social Security Tribunal. Her expertise in the field of Canada Pension Plan disability appeals, along with her extensive knowledge and experience, has effectively assisted her clients with quality representation before various levels of appeals.

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