What is the Social Security Tribunal - General Division

If you have been denied your CPP disability benefit at reconsideration you will find yourself appealing to The Social Security Tribunal – or SST.


What is the SST?

The SST is an arms-length independent and impartial Administrative Tribunal and is not part of Service Canada.

The first level of appeal at the SST is the General Division– all appeals at the SST start here.


The SST conduct hearings. As you are appealing the denial decision you are the Appellant. The government is also a party to the appeal and they are responding to your appeal. There is a tribunal member who hears your appeal – and it is De Nova hearing which means they look at all the information with "fresh eyes".  


Getting Help With This Process

I would argue that the SST General Division hearing is the most important appeal and the last chance for you to tell your story or provide additional information. Many clients go unrepresented, and I would caution that this may be a mistake. This level of appeal is the last time you can correct any errors or discrepancies.

If you consider that you have been through two denials at application and reconsideration it may be time for you to get help and DCAC is the place to come. If you review our testimonial page – you can read about the difference that DCAC has made to clients who have struggled through earlier levels of appeals. We are also able to provide you with an objective assessment of your claim - sometimes we can easily spot what the problems are.


Do not be afraid of the SST. They have worked hard to ensure the appeal process is not adversarial and rather a place to be heard. However, it is far more likely you will be successful if you have a representative. After 20+ years of doing hearings – we are clearly able to address issues and we have an above 90% success rate.


You have nothing to lose – give us a call – 1-877-793-3222. Do Not Give Up – but make sure you are ready for this really important and critical appeal.

Do You Have a Case?

DCAC will assess your particular situation and provide prompt feedback on your chances of a positive outcome.