How Long Does it Take to Receive CPP Disability Benefits?

One of the main questions that we get is how long will it take to receive my CPP Disability Benefits?

From my chats with CPP staff I do know that they are meeting their service standard time expectations in terms of adjudication. So I can safely say that it will take approximately 150 days from the date of the application to get to some kind of decision. There are exceptions to this of course. If CPP disability wishes to develop the file and get more medical evidence then it will take longer and be dependent on your physician, but if they are developing your file it is not a straight out denial so that is a good thing.


When you put in an application you should get an acknowledgement letter from CPP disability stating that the application has been received. I have had a couple of people that have sent in applications only to be told that they have not been received – so make sure that you take a photocopy of your original application.



If you are denied on the initial application, you will receive a denial letter and you must appeal this denial within 90 days of the receipt of the letter. It is very important to meet these time deadlines. After you have submitted the reconsideration again you are looking at perhaps six month wait time. I would not delay in putting in the reconsideration letter.

Then, if you are denied at reconsideration you are looking at an appeal to the Social Security Tribunal.  


The take away from this blogpost is this,

Make sure you have a complete application to submit to CPP disability, and make sure that you understand the legislative tenets and how the CPP disability adjudicates a claim. Because of the lengthy delays at the SST I would suggest that if you are going through the reconsideration process that you get some help with this (to avoid another denial). Get in touch with the office here and let our experts at least review your file. We do not charge a fee for a file review.

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