Ask Our Team: What is a Case Manager?

At DCAC, Case Managers are the individuals who are here to help you! We asked our Case Managers to explain their role, and express what the best part of the job is. Here is the collection of their responses!

What does a Case Manager do?

A case manager advocates for clients and ensures their best interests are upheld when applying or appealing for CPP Disability. They guide clients through the entire process and do everything they can to help them feel supported. Case Managers are here to always answer any questions and to help clients through every step of the way.

What are the goals as a Case Manager?

The main goal as a case manager is to provide a comfortable and laid back experience to make the process of applying for Canada Pension Plan Disability as stress-free as possible. They want clients to be comfortable expressing their frustrations and concerns with them, as well as to build trust with each individual that they work with. As Case Mangers they create a safe environment for all clients that allows for open communication, and the ability for them to be well informed about the whole CPP Disability process.

What is the best part of being a Case Manager?

The best part of being a case manager is getting the opportunity to work with a variety of individuals and not only advocate for them, but get to understand their situation by giving them an outlet to express their frustrations and difficulties in day to day life. Case Managers get to build meaningful connections with clients by listening, supporting and following through the entire application and appeal process. They get to get to know clients on a personal basis, hearing their story, understanding where they come from, and sharing the joy with them when they are approved.

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