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This whitepaper provides an overview of our CPP Disability Advocacy services.

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Services Overview

What does DCAC do?

The Federal Government does not provide an advocacy service to assist you through the appeals procedure, the Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic does. We assist individuals with initial applications and all levels of the appeal procedures. In situations where an individual is faced with a Tribunal or Board Hearing, the Clinic will obtain expert assistance for you in order to protect your rights and present your case throughout these procedures. We will also accumulate the necessary information you need in order to meet your onus to prove disability and will provide this information in a written submission to the appeal panel. We will spend time with your doctors obtaining the necessary medical information in order to support your claim and most importantly, we will be there to assist you through this stressful time.

Is this a free service?

Unfortunately not.
However, we recognize that most individuals do not have the financial means to pay for assistance. We assist clients on a percentage fee basis. We take a percentage of your disability arrears if you are successful at your appeal. If you are not successful, no fees are payable. If you are not successful, at least you have had the benefit of "free" expert assistance. The Clinic has helped many individuals obtain their benefits. If you require further information or advice, please call toll free on 1-877-793-3222 or send an email to info@dcac.ca explaining your situation.

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