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The Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic Inc. (DCAC) was established in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1998. Our firm is dedicated to providing case-management services to those individuals who often have little or no access to advocacy when appealing the denial of a Canada Pension Plan disability benefit. DCAC Inc. has helped hundreds of individuals across Canada win their CPP disability appeals.

DCAC Inc. has grown to become a highly respected national advocacy firm. The Clinic staff remain up to date on issues pertaining to Canada Pension Plan legislative criteria of disability. Knowledge is key, but we also devote ourselves to making sure our clients’ needs are met - not to mention fighting for the deserved income replacement.

Regardless of your diagnosis, or even if your doctor cannot determine the nature of your medical condition, at DCAC Inc. you will be given our full attention. Many people become overwhelmed and give up on their appeal simply because they do not know what to do. At DCAC Inc. we can help you. We are with you each step of the way.

DCAC Inc. advocates have many years of experience in evaluating the issues that have to be assessed in every Canada Pension Plan disability claim. We use our case-management experience to guide your case through the maze of paperwork, filings, appeals, rulings and regulations to take the pressure off of you.

We are always here to answer all of your questions and to assist you in filling out the forms you may need to complete. We will contact your doctors and get the medical records required to support your claim. We will develop and collect the information it takes to present your case before the Canada Pension Plan adjudicators, and we will advocate for you in hearings before the Review Tribunal or Pension Appeals Board.

If you have been refused Canada Pension Plan disability benefits you do have the right to appeal the decision. You also have the right to have an advocate to assist you. It can be a challenge in a Canada Pension Plan claim to prove the severity of the disability. Retaining an experienced disability advocate can help.

Please contact us to discuss your Canada Pension Plan disability claim.

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