Michelle Howe

Senior Disability Advocate

Michelle was born and raised in Northern Ontario. After graduating with Honors with a BSc from

Waterloo University in Kinesiology, she worked in a hospital and clinics assisting clients with physical rehabilitation. Tired of the cold and snow, she moved to Vancouver where she conducted Functional Impairment Evaluations for a short period of time. She decided to shift into disability insurance in 1999, where she started as a Case manager. She eventually moved into a coaching role and continued in various roles for 22 years. She  has worked for 3 of the biggest 4 insurance companies. 

Wanting to be closer to her family she moved back to Northern Ontario in 2018 and although she still does not like the cold and snow, she loves the sense of community that she has in her hometown.

Michelle started with DCAC in January 2023 and notes that this is her first role in an advocacy job. Although that is the situation, she has an extensive history in assessing files and gathering information to help clarify individual’s abilities to determine their ability to function in the workplace. As part of her coaching role, she was also responsible for reviewing and making decisions on appeals for insurance companies. This skill set has transitioned well into her current role at DCAC where she currently prepares submissions for reconsiderations and Social Security Tribunal hearings. 

She is very happy to be working in an advocacy role and thoroughly enjoys her interactions with her clients. She is determined to use her analytical skills to ensure that our clients our receiving the best support possible while navigating their current situation.

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