Gabrielle Gagnon

Case Navigator

Gabrielle recently completed her Bachelors of Kinesiology with a major in Human Kinetics at the University of Regina. Her current goal is to be accepted into the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and acquire her license as a family physician.

Throughout the past two years, Gabrielle has been employed at DCAC as a case-manager advocating for clients that are seeking CPP disability benefits. She has experience completing and managing initial applications, reconsiderations submission, and appeals to the Social Security Tribunal. As an individual who is aspiring to be a physician, Gabrielle thinks that it is very important to provide support and service to those who are in need. Her position at DCAC allows her to help those who are seeking financial aid and have been unjustly trialed by Service Canada. She enjoys connecting with clients and tending to their individual needs as best she can.

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