No News on the Western Front

Well I think the Omnibus Bill C 38 is being voted on today. And likely the amendments to the new appeals system will be approved.

I have not heard any further information to share but I keep hoping soon enough it will all become crystal clear as to how this new system is going to work. Did I say crystal clear???? Funny one.

Okay I know there are going to be extra sittings of the Pension Appeals Board in the hopes of clearing some of their back log - good for them - cause I do not know what is going to happen to those existing appeals when then new system comes in to play - see prior posts for details.

As for the Review Tribunal I believe they are now starting to schedule in to October so for those of you just starting the process of appealing who knows what system you will fall under.

I am trying to keep my glass half full approach. But stay tuned. Hopefully we will all hear something soon.