Further information on the Social Security Tribunal

Here is the website address


I have added Notice of Appeal form to the SST as well as the Authorization to Disclose to the forms section of the website.

I have spent some time digesting the information on the new procedure. In the Policies Section of the website - it talks about the different type of hearings that are possible.  The Tribunal Member decides how an appeal will proceed and will inform the parties of the form of the hearing.  The hearings can be either in a written or oral format.  If the member decides there will be an oral hearing then they also determine whether it will be a teleconference, videoconference, or in person.  If it is a videoconference then the parties are expected to present themselves at the hearing location.

Another new procedure is the recording of Tribunal hearings.  The SST will be audio-recording hearings to ensure a complete record in case of appeal.  Parties may be able to obtain a copy of the audio hearing free of charge.  I think this is a positive change as there are many times what was said in a hearing is not included in an appeal's body decision.

In the Appeal to the General Division highlights include:

  • You can submit additional evidence to support your appeal, however documents must normally be filed on or before a certain date.
  • An SST Member must by law, summarily dismiss the appeal, IF IN THE MEMBER'S VIEW, the appeal has no reasonable chance of success.  However, before doing so, you can submit additional information and make a case to proceed with the appeal.
  • You must sign a NOTICE OF READINESS - you have a maximum of 365 days to file this - by doing so, a party indicates that there is no additional documents or submissions to provide and you are ready to proceed.  The SST will proceed with the appeal once this document is signed.
  • None of the parties can file additional documents or submissions once the SST receives the Notice of Readiness.  (Boy this one is very problematic for me.  What if a person is waiting for a medical consultation or an MRI or what if the person has signed a Notice of Readiness before getting a representative - it will basically hamstring the preparation of a case effectively.  If a appellant has proceeded without any additional information or submission arguing their position then no further docuements can be submitted even if there is evidence missing from a case.).


Here is the address for the Social Security Tribunal

Social Security Tribunal

P.O. Box 9812, Station T CSC

Ottawa, ON

K1G 6S3

Phone: 1-877-227-8577   Please note when I phoned this number to see where I send in additional information on existing cases - there is a recording that says this information line is not open yet.

Fax:    1-855-814-4117


That is all I have for now in terms of factual information released by the CPP Social Security Tribunal.

Again I would strongly advise any one who is either applying, appealing an initial denial or reconsideration, or who were waiting for a Review Tribunal or Pension Appeals Board, to please contact an experienced representative.I do not feel with these new systems that there is any room for error now.






Implementation Day - CPP Social Security Tribunal

Today is the day of Implementation for the CPP Social Security Tribunal.  There has been an official press release from Diane Finley advising of the implementation. However, it is informaiton we are already aware of, so I am not going to cut and paste and put this on the blog.  If you are interested you can find it online.

I continue to keep in touch with my "sources" as the day goes on to see how things are unfolding.

Just going through the accumulation of mail that I have and have additional information to file to support some existing cases and I do not have any idea who to send the information to!

When I phoned the 1-800 number I cannot even get through and sat on hold for over 20 minutes. 

So now what?